Taktyk is currently working on :

- landscape, education and equipment (+ infos PDF)

- town revitalization (+ infos PDF)

Taktyk , Jean Louis Chapuis (studio warmgrey) and Anne Claire Tessier (ACT) have the pleasure of inviting you to the inauguration of the publication of PARC DES 12 SAISONS.

See you on October 19 at 7:30 p.m. at the VOLUME bookstore 47, rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth_Paris 3 M° République / Temple / Arts & crafts / Strasbourg-Saint-Denis

L'agence Taktyk, Jean louis Chapuis (studio warmgrey) et Anne Claire Tessier (ACT)
ont le plaisir de vous inviter à l'inauguration de la parution du PARC DES 12 SAISONS.

Rendez vous le 19 octobre à 19.30
à la librairie VOLUME 47, rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth_Paris 3
M° République / Temple / Arts & métiers / Strasbourg-Saint-Denis

We are beginning an urban and public space mission in Sucy-en-Brie, with Le Studio Sanna Baldé, Les Eclaireurs and INGETEC.
By supporting the restructuring of the Cité Verte Fosse Rouge, the aim is to amplify the rich heritage and landscape, to enhance what is already there, to intensify the uses, to affirm the identity of “Living in the park"

Nous débutons une mission de maitrise d’oeuvre urbaine et d’espace public à Sucy-en-Brie, avec Le Studio Sanna Baldé, Les Eclaireurs et INGETEC.
Par l'accompagnement de la restructuration de la Cité Verte Fosse Rouge, il s'agit d'amplifier la richesse patrimoniale et paysagère, de valoriser le déjà-là, d'intensifier les usages, d'affirmer l'identité d'Habiter le parc”

Our latest contribution to Brussels water culture, a great conversation among peers and our recent post flooding strategy in the Vesdre valley with MSA & GRAU

Notre dernière contribution à la culture bruxelloise de l'eau, une belle conversation entre pairs et notre récente stratégie post inondation dans la vallée de la Vesdre

+ article

Landscape in dialogue Lecture Series
Sébastien Penfornis and Thierry Kandjee are invited by The Bartlett School of Architecture of the University of London, for a conference around “Living Tracks Lab : How to envision the transitions of our territories ?”

Monday 19 June, 1:00-2:00 pm, on Zoom and in person in Room 1.02

Cycle de conférences Paysage en dialogue
Sébastien Penfornis et Thierry Kandjee sont invités par The Bartlett School of Architecture de l'Université de Londres, pour une conférence sur “Living Tracks Lab : Comment envisager les transitions de nos territoires ?”

Lundi 19 juin, de 13h à 14h, sur Zoom et en présentiel en salle 1.02

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9 years after its inauguration Parckfarm as a landscape protoype is still contributing to inspiring european discussions, this time through more than human perspective. Thanks to Die Architekt editorial team for this nice piece !

9 ans après son inauguration, Parckfarm en tant que prototype de paysage continue de contribuer à des discussions européennes inspirantes, cette fois à travers une vision plus qu'humaine. Merci à l'équipe éditoriale de Die Architekt pour ce beau dossier !

Thanks to Anne-Elsabeth Bertucci and the magazine AMC, for her article: “La Marche, a sensitive experience to feed the project”
You will be able to find some fragments from the March Atlas research seminar (ENSAB Rennes + EUR CAPS Rennes) proposed by Sébastien PENFORNIS.

Merci à Anne-Elsabeth Bertucci et à la revue AMC, pour son article : “La Marche, une expérience sensible pour nourrir le projet”
Vous pourrez y trouver certains extraits du séminaire de recherche March Atlas (ENSAB Rennes + EUR CAPS Rennes) proposé par Sébastien PENFORNIS.

+ info : EURCAPS + ENSAB

Consultation workshops

Taktyk begins a series of consultation workshops on the district of the ZAC du Port in Pantin (93), to initiate the narration of the future developments of the chemin des dunes and the jardin de l’est.

Team : Taktyk, Arep, 8-18, Jean-Louis Chapuis (Studio Warmgrey, graphic Design) 
Client : SEMIP

In 2023, from Zurich to the Olympic village, via the Côte de Nacre and the banks of the Loire, Taktyk Paris will deliver 7 landscape projects:

- Station square de la Verrière (78)
- Universeine Gardens, Olympic Village 2024 (93)
- Student housing gardens in Rennes (35)
- Hermès office gardens in Paris (75008)
- Public spaces in the Saint Christophe district in Vallet (44)
- Saint Ursin Park in Courseulle s/mer (14)
- Square Axa offices in Dietlikon (Switzerland)

IABR, Architecture Biennale Rotterdam 2022

After Parkfarm in 2016, TAKTYK is presenting this year its contribution to the prospective study Luxembourg in Transition within the grouping led by AREP (Flux).

Landscape as capital ?
- How to orchestrate the necessary transformation and adaptation of the forest to climate changes
- Let's imagine a green and productive belt around Luxembourg city.

FLUX is a spatial vision for a zero-carbon and resilient futur of the Luxembourg functional region

+ info (EN)

+ info (FR)


In collaboration with AREP, Mobil homme, the Institute of Environmental Transition of La Sorbonne, Arx-IT and Kaleido'scop, TAKTYK explores the possibilities of a decarbonised future for the PACA of the Arve Valley.

- How to accompany the ecological and energy transition in this territory?
- How to reach the objective of a neutral carbon balance in 2050?
- What role can the landscape play in meeting these societal challenges and in creating a common narrative?

This is an 18-month prospective study conducted within the framework of Greater Geneva in Transition. Our reflection will accompany the work of 3 teams on 3 other PACAs with the aim of building a cross-border territorial vision for Greater Geneva: Gûller and Gûller, Urba plan and Paola Vigano.

Talks : Resilience — landscapes as laboratories of the future

Is Brussels able to create, enable & promote parks as laboratories ? What and how can we learn from others ?
This discussion will be curated by the Chair in Landscape of the Faculty of Architecture, 'La Cambre Horta'. Responding to the invitation of Ursula Wieser Curator Landscapes, Gardens, Urban ecosystems.

14:00 - 19:30

+ info (EN)
+ info (FR)

Last days to visit "Fluctuations" and many thanks to ICA for the invitation to share modestly our work around the "fountain of love" and great conversations among peers.

#waterinfrastructure #urbanism #designresearch #culture #landscapearchitecture

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A sponge (park) on a (water)table
In a context of urban densification, the value of existing urban park is not yet to be contested. In Brussels nevertheless most of them being under heritage jurisdiction, they are considered as frozen images of nature. The attentive examination of existing ground conditions leads to responsive design strategies to adapt those needed spaces to current socio ecological challenges

Picturesque revisited
Through to the first Brussels Urban Landscape Biennal we highlighted in the whole Brussels region the potential of heritage park located in rich sandy ground to become sponge parks, a new public infrastructure vital at the scale of a several watersheds. This hypothesis is tested through the design of on action plan for water and biodiversity improvement in Josaphat park, an iconic Brussels park. What is at stake? We deal here with a real paradox. The park was conceived as a piece of a valley, but its current water management ignore it. Above the ground, the architect Galopin designed the park as a succession of scenes of nature along several lakes with very poor living quality. Under the ground a vast pipe and pumping systems bring the water to the top of the park featuring a cascade. Working closely with hydrologist and biodiversity experts the design research attests the potential of the sandy ground to infiltrate and retain water above the clay. We discover that the wooden hills of the park can become a vast water reservoir able to supply constant flow of water into the pond system. In short, our proposition acknowledges the ecology of the valley as an alternative to the obsolete technological design of the park. The picturesque is understood not as a scenographic construction but as a holistic attempt to design places for living human-nonhuman systems.


Very happy to share some outcomes of our research entitled
"Topotypes: ground as design material" that we pursued since the birth of Taktyk . In the latest OASE , we are presenting our latest sponge park adaptation strategy for Josaphat park in Brussels.

This issue of OASE makes a critical analysis of how soil connects to urban planning and urban design, and how it can adjust those practices in exploring new agendas.

Hopefully those agendas will come true as we are entering now operational phase


Exhibition In Rennes
from 01/02 to 22/02
EUR CAPS (Creative approach to public space)

EUR CAPS, 4 rue du Bois Perrin, 35700 RENNES

March Atlas 2022 is a research by design seminar that offer the opportunity to explore subjectives forms and tools to construct an Atlas of metropolitan landscapes in Rennes.

January 2022
La Verrière” station forecourt - Start of works

AMITER Tours Metropolitan area, France
Les ru.e.s de la Boire

Mentioned Price for TAKTYK and his design partners CLEMENT BLANCHET ARCHITECTURE (lead architect urbanist) + INGETEC by Barbara Pompili, Minister of Ecological Transition, for a landscape + urbanism vision to transform and adapt Rochepinard site in Tours, to flood risks.

+ info

Sébastien PENFORNIS is invited to be part of the scientific committee for the RIM ( Rencontres Inter Mondiales) cultural plateform in Rennes (France)

September 21-23 / 2021

+ info

We* are very pleased to be part of Parlamento, the online forum organised by Alban Mannisi and Charles Anderson (@ Design Diplomacy) held to discuss issues of resiliency, situated knowledges, the ethical philosophy deployed through the Design Diplomacy inquiry, as well as possible in-situ investigations and actions.

* Thierry Kandjee, co founder taktyk, Faculty of architecture La Cambre Horta ULB Brussels / Vitalija Povilaityte-Petri, pharmacist, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy University of Mons / Sugir Seliah, Co-researcher Health Gardens, Brussels

@ Design Diplomacy is invited to participate at the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale Italian Virtual Pavilion Sezione del Padiglione Italia. Curated by Tom Kovac, RMIT University and Alessandro Melis Portsmouth University titled #CITYXVenice responds to #Howwillwelivetogethercurated by Hashim Sarkis MIT, organized by La Biennale di Venezia.

+ info

Parlamento Panellists / Participants:
Alban Mannisi & Charles Anderson (Melbourne, Australia), Bjorn Low (Singapore), Carlos Tapia (Spain), Youngbum Reigh (South Korea), Witiya Pittungnapoo (Phitsanulok, Thailand), Brooke Wandin (Coranderrk, Australia), Philip Samartzis (Ligonchio, Italy; Melbourne, Australia), Noriko Deno (Tokyo, Japan), Naima Benkari (Muscat, Oman), Konkankoh Joshu (Bafut, Cameroun), Faïka Béjaoui (Tunis, Tunisia), Thierry Kandjee (Brussels, Belgium), Arthur Duff, (Callan Ireland), Michelle Lai (Holland Province, Netherland), Manoel Rodrigues Alves (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Silvia Arroyo Duarte, (Panama City, Panama), Marta Pelegrin (Montevideo, Uruguay / Seville, Spain), Raul Marino-Zamudio (Bucaramanga, Colombia), Camila Gomes Sant’ Anna (Goiânia (Goiás), Brazil)


Very pleased to share with you LA FAILLE by Alive Architecture and Taktyk. A critical project working in the legacy of pioneer landscape architect Van der Swaelmen. Almost a century ago Kapelleveld garden city was designed and built on a fertile plateau, in its center Van der Swaelmen aimed for a public park connected to Brussels park valley system. This never happened in fact the core of the site became an expat tennis club discouraging the inhabitants to come ! LA FAILLE through working with the landscape, from the site to the valley, the material resources, working with as found materials and before all working with the actors aims to reclaim its privatized core and set up a new narrative for the site.
More images to come...

Client and @SLRB, 101ème% artistic program

+ info

Flux is part of the six international teams selected to continue the work of the urban-architectural and landscape consultation. LIT is a prospective study to envision a zero carbon and resilient futur for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Team : AREP, Taktyk, Quattrolibri, Institut pour la Transition Environnementale (Sorbonne Université), Mobil homme.

The exhibition Living the City presents over 50 contributions from more than 70 participants from 20 countries in eight interlocking thematic areas. The contributions can be experienced from September 25th on the exhibition site and on the continuously growing website.

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LENOIR GARDEN, Mouscron (Belgium), les champs ludiques et le deck

Open now !

Place du lieu de vie, City Campus Paris Saclay

LENOIR GARDEN, Mouscron (Belgium), fall colors 2019

Social Housing landscapes & social innovation, a public discussion gathering emerging initiatives in Brussels

with the support of Thierry Kandjee, Chaire Paysage Faculté d’Architecture La Cambre Horta, ULB

@ SLRB, Brussels
Tuesday 19TH November

+ info

This year, Collectif Chapelle Charbon hosts the Compagnie MPDA for the Nuit Blanche 2019

Join us for live performances at 19h30 & 21h30 at the 12 Seasons Parc

26 rue Tchaikovski

75018 Paris

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How can heritage park become sponge park? 

Operational research conducted by Taktyk, in collaboration with Urban Water, Biodiversity Research Lab, Gembloux Agrobiotech & Alive Architecture

Rive Gauche, Port de Vannes

Le Port Jardin(s) - Compagnie de Phalsbourg-Cefim, Atelier Arcau, RCR Arquitectes, Taktyk, RF Studio

Competitive dialogue, 3 finalists : Compagnie de Phalsbourg-Cefim, Sembreizh and Eiffage

+ info on Ouest France

Join us !

Landscape Urbanism in Tours (France)

TAKTYK and ANYOJI BELTRANDO (Architect / Representative) selected to elaborate the Guide Plan for the transformation of Hauts de Sainte Radegonde


Curated by Ursula Wieser Benedetti & Eric Hennaut, with the support of Thierry Kandjee, Chaire Paysage Faculté d’Architecture La Cambre Horta, ULB


Friday, November 16, 2018
Sunday, March 31, 2019

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taktyk is invited by Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University / US to participate at the International Conference on Practice-Based Research at the Academy 

RESEARCH IN PRACTICE : 30 world-class creative practitioners, architects and researchers discuss practice-based research, a globally recognised research innovation, and explore its game-changing implications for the academy, future industries and the next generation of creative practitioners.

Alexandria, WAAC

12-14 November 2018

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We are pleased to contribute, with the Parckfarm project, to this book that highlights the diversity & vitality of Brussels commons

+ info

World Transformation Session on WATER in the framework of You Are Here.

Free entrance

WTC I -- 23rd floor
Boulevard King Albert II 28-30, 1000 Brussels


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LENOIR GARDEN, Mouscron (Belgium), fall colors 2018

Refurbishment of vacant spaces in "Les Courtillières", Pantin (France) 2018 is Finalist for the European Prize for Urban Public Space

Developer : City of Pantin
Authors : l’AUC, taktyk, BATT

taktyk collaborates in the second edition of the Brussels Urban Landscape Biennial 2018 (BULB), Rising Waters

Opening on the 20th of September, following the inaugural conference of Georges Descombes,

8 pm at the Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels

September 21st- November 11th


A video by Paul Heintz, together with the inhabitants & neighbors of the Rachmaninov 
Square (Paris 18). Initiative by the Collectif Chapelle Charbon, taktyk and the
municipality of Paris.

+ info

Public debate, panel discussion and screening

Richard Sennet, Marta Gentillucci, Alexandra Lacroix, Justinien Tribillon and Sébastien Penfornis

Free Entrance under Reservation, at MSH Paris Nord, 18.00 - 20.00

September 26th 2018

Come discover the 12 Seasons Park and the future Chapelle Charbon Park on the occasion of the Gardens Festival ! The railway wasteland will be exceptionally open this weekend, before the site goes into construction.

Saturday 22nd, 11.00 - 17.00
Sunday 23rd, 14.30 - 17.00

+ info

Living in the restanques
8ha urban and landscape study, for a private client in the South East of France

Place du Lieu de Vie goes into construction phase at Saclay City Campus

July 1st 2018

taktyk, Graal Architecture, Paris-Sud Aménagement & Tetra win the Urban Study project for the Domaine du Beauregard, at Celle Saint-Cloud

June 31st 2018

June 22nd & 23rd 2018

Fête de la Musique @ 12 Seasons Park, together with Janejonesss,Capoeira Viola & Les LAACCS

June 21st 2018

Civa Kanal Centre Pompidou, Curation + Presentation by Jean Philippe de Visscher & Thierry Kandjee

June 8th 2018

12 Seasons Park opens to the public !

June 1st 2018

Public Debate + Presentation
Sébastien Penfornis talks about Transitory Urbanism

May 31st 2018

Curating Landscape Opening Lecture,
Organised by Thierry Kandjee

May 3rd 2018

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