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DELTA STAGE, Ho-Chi-Minh (Vietnam), 2008

Client : City of Ho-Chi-Minh
Program : Urban Park
Location : Ho-Chi-Minh (Vietnam)
Surface Area : N/A
Cost : N/A
Date : Competition 2008

The City of Ho Chi Minh is planning a new space of representation located on the banks of the Saigon River (former Mekong). This future urban park will have address the implications of a city in full expansion: the management of flux, density, and uses.

Delta stage celebrates the presence of the river and its dynamics. By developing a set of islands, this archipelago park responds to the various urban and landscape problems of the site:
- crossing the river: a pedestrian bridge
- the creation of a multimodal hub: metro, bus, tramway, boats
- new programming (culture and leisure): a concert hall, a skate park, etc
- a string of artificial islands: a moving landscape that adapts to the variations of the river.

At the center of this new device, a signal tower emerges to symbolize the revitalization of the city center.

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