Anticipating territorial changes through prospective research.

SHORES, Rotterdam (Netherlands), 2006

Client : Stadshavens Rotterdam
Program : Landscape + Urbanism
Location : Rotterdam (Netherlands)
Surface Area : N/A
Cost : N/A
Date : Competition 2006

This competition call ask designer to envision
the future of a harbour area that will be by 2030
de industrialized, Rotterdam poort moving to the
deep sea. What if the poort leaving the city would
enable to recover the river landscape ?
The need of housing associated with the rise
of water allows for the requestioning of the
relationship between the city and its river. Our
proposition looks at the specific geological
formation of this river landscape This third space
is currently occupy by a dike sitting under 35m of
sand bed. Our proposal is to litterally transform
the dike into a «super dune»using this given
ressources. The landscape is reinvented through
an inversion.
The super dune protects the current city from the
rising water. In the center, the conversion of the
port allows for new experiences. A new urban
pole turned towards the Maas river appears in the
city. The enclave becomes a water connected city.

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